LF cutpurse artifacts

Interested in cutpurse artifacts, would take ones with a variety of stats. Magazine size would be great.


if you are interested, do you have one of these
-Ice breaker victory rush relic with +mag size.
-Zane executor or infiltrator class mod with some combination of these stats (%25 weapon damage, %31 assault rifle damage, %24 mag size, %18 weapon critical damage, %45 dahl critical damage, %45 jakobs critical damage)
-Corosive Nemesis (with sntnl active %50 bonus cryo damage annointment.)

I’m positive I’ve come across several of those class mods, one even yesterday, but you know how it goes with the small bank space…

what type of cutpurse are you looking for?
i have a cutpurse deathless and maybe a few others… i’d need to check mules

Oh man deathless would be amazing!

Sure. Add Snixnix.
We can talk trade ingame where its easier

Sure, I’ll catch you tonight

cutpurse deathless here

Post what you’ve got if you don’t mind - thanks! Would like to see the other stats


Should be able to trade in about an hr snix

no rush