LF Cutpurse Deathless and Everblast w/ MIRV & Homing

I’m so desperate for a Cutpurse Deathless as the Pheonix doesn’t drop any legendaries for me and takes forever to farm.

Im willing to trade or dupe the artifact as well as any Everblast shotties with MIRV & Homing. I only have a shock & non elemental one that aren’t that special but is a good start. I have the new SIren Class Mod to trade or a Transformer with 50% Shock Damage after Action Skill if anyone wishes to trade! :heart: Additionally, I have an Elemental Projector Victory Rush.

PSN: Gay-Of-Thrones

You’ve got a deal!!!

Psn ID?

Gay-Of-Thrones is thy PSN ID

Will get back to you when im online later. Maybe in an hour.

Too easy. ty

Gearbox think that duping is cheating. It’s not welcome on this forum. Please read the forum rules before posting again. Thanks.