LF cutpurse deathless / anointed torgue launcher

Looking for a cutpurse deathless hopefully with some decent splash damage modifiers and a torgue launcher with anoint After exiting Iron Bear, do not consume ammo for 5 seconds. Got plenty of anointed gear too much to list and new redistributor gun. Let me know what yous need!

I have this one if you are interested :slight_smile:

aye that looks perfect haha! Anything your looking for?

Looking for:

  • grenades with terror buffs (increased damge, crit, health regen, damage res, ammo regen)
  • commander planetoid with rad melee imbue (preferably melee damage passive but without is fine)
  • infiltrator com (zane) no points in like a ghost, with weapon damage/mag passives
  • cold warrior com (zane) preferably only points in synchronocity, with weapon damage/mag passives
  • elemental projector otto idol with mag size, action skill cd, some sort of damage
  • thrillbot (purple) big game & hidden machine, preferably with melee passive
  • (good anointed) shredda (any element)
  • Bloodletter with damage/mag size passives
  • Snow drift deathless with damage/mag size passives
  • Gamma burst shrieking banshee
  • Snowdrift victory rush with damage/mag/cd passives
  • A decent emp5 crader
  • A decent rolled R4k P4k
  • A decent rolled new amara com

Got a gravito slavo firestorm with fire rate and dmg while terrified. A not so good bloodletter that has +15 percent fire rate with vladof? If only we had bank size from the start I could of held on to my flak and zane gear… But if your making a zane build I have the night hawkin with bonus 50 percent cryo while sntnl is active

Already got either that stuff or stuff similar, you have anything else?

Ahh cutpurse commander planetoid! got +16 rad dmg, +27 irradiate chance and +29 cryo resistance

Sorry, needs to be radiation imbued planetoid. What do you have in terms of the new items?

You dont happen to have a level 1 stop gap do you?

I have these terror grenades. I would be happy to trade any of them for that Cutpurse. Let me know if you are interested.

Firestorm Vladoff Incendiary Longbow Generate terror after action skill
Storm Front Hyperion Shock - Damage and fire rate on terror
Storm Front Vladoff Shock - Reduce damage on terror
Generator Trans-fusion Tracker Atlas Incendiary Heals shields for 30% damage dealt, Homing Consumes terror for nova on reload
Generator Trans-fusion Tracker Atlas Incendiary Heals shields for 30% damage dealt, Homing Generate terror after action skill
Cloning Chupa’s Organ Hyperion - Splits into 2 grenades Generate terror after action skill
Recurring Hex Atlas Radiation Splits into 2 grenades, spawns 3 MIRVs Damage and fire rate on terror

Also this but was hoping to keep hold of it…

The other one is fine don’t worry :stuck_out_tongue: My epic is Emmettj4 just add me whenever

Sorry, don’t need any of these

Cool sent you a request now

Sent you over the relic, let me know once you sent over the shield :slight_smile:

Sent you shield now, cheers mate!

Thank you very much as well mate :slight_smile:

Do you still have the recurring mirv hex?