LF cutpurse deathless artifact for a Zane build

Been farming my butt off… I have a bank full of legendaries and other deathless artifacts to trade. I want the cutpurse to run with a facepuncher and see if the infinite ammo is actually possible. Wanna try the infinite Tediore chuckin’!


Got a radiation Stone deathless I’m looking for a deathless mod with better stats for my char

What would you want for the one with the 25% melee one?

Hmmm… I think I just have a Cryo and a corrosive. I may have an Atom Balm Pullout but it isn’t a deathless. I will check and see.

looking for an anointed face puncher?

I have a Facepuncher. Just trying to get a cutpurse. Thanks though.