LF Cutpurse Deathless artifact w/ grenade/AoE/mag

LF Cutpurse Deathless w/ 30% grenade, 33% AoE dmg, 40% ammo

GT - Enigmatic65536

Have several items to trade.

I can send you one. Do you have any Recursive Hex’s with an anointment? or Last stand otto or Last stand victory rush artifacts? Thx Tom

GT: Chase D Gamer08

I’ve got 2 recursive hex without annointments (cryo/shock), last stand moxxi’s and last stand white elephant atm

Great. Send me the Recursive Hex shock. I will email you the Deathless. Thanks Tom

I would be interested in the last stand white elephant so let me know if you need/want anything else like a redundant face puncher, blood letter class mod, Tediore, etc. if that is the build you are gathering items for. thanks Tom

Will send you it as well. Any decent Tediore shotguns are appreciated!

Will do. Thx

Sent both!

Thank you Tom! Much appreciated!

Ditto. Thx