LF Cutpurse Deathless

As mention in the title above

Tell me what you want to trade


I have this one:

Deathless Cutpurse - +17% SMG Damage +29% Shock Resistance +21% Action Skill Cooldown Rate

LF Lucians call, Laser-Sploder, Cutsman, Diluvian firestorm, Big Boom Blaster high capacity with anointment 75shield/health on exiting IB.
To be clear, Im looking for Lucians, Sploders and Cutmans with the next 2 mag anoint which has the same element as the weapon or the 100% on ASE.
A cutsman fire with ASE 50% shock would also work.

You mean this?

I have this one:

Cutpurse Deathless - +16% Shock Damage, Regenerate +149 Health/Sec, +27% Irradiate Chance

I’m just looking for a level 50 Buttplug, if you have one.

I like the cutsman, trade?

I have a Buttplug for you. Hehe, sounds a bit wrong but you know what I mean. Are the stats always the same or are you looking for something special?

Lol, right? Why did Gearbox have to name it that! Just wait till you try to look up stats on it in Google, smh, anyone sees my search history is going to have questions now.:rofl: Nothing special just a standard buttplug.

I have a Shock Cutsman with Incendiary to trade?

[quote=“hockeyghee, post:5, topic:4189264”]
Cutpurse Deathless
Add me KucingGatal83

OK, one standard Buttplug will soon arrive in your mail. :grin:

Ok, added.

Ty Sir!

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And sent!

You can send via mail if you want.

already send with extra item…thanks bro

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Thank You!

I’m also looking for a Cutpurse deathless, if anyone has one to spare or trade