LF cutpurse launchpad and stopgap with action skill start

With el dragon not dropping ANYTHING AT ALL looks like ima need to trade for this. Please let me know what you would like for these items (if you have them of course)

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Do you have any monarchs 300/90?

I’ve got a stop gap with that annoit and absorb and a Cutpurse launchpad but without aoe dmg.
Do you got any redistributor? Or anything else good to offer?

still farming monarchs unfortunately. dont have one o those yet.

No M10 redistributor yet.

Anything else to offer :upside_down_face: ?

well i just about have every gun… but people want specifics. i dont remember what specifically i have on what gun. ill just check n see if i have it. i have some old gods… snowdrifts in most relic types… just say the word.

Do you have Cutpurse Launchpad
Elem/SMG/heavy dmg and AOE dmg?

No I’m sorry to say

No worry. Thanks for the reply.