LF Cutpurse Launchpad any rolls

Hi everyone

I’m looking for any rolls cutpurse launchpad ( the new takedown is impossible without this artifact in M10!!!)

I’ve got most of the weapons, class/grenade mods and shields for all vault hunters to trade, all in M10.

Just tell me what you want and if i got it, let’s make a deal :wink:

I’ve got this artifact. Im looking for a recursion x2 with ASE next 2 mags 100% rad/cryo/shock damage

I’m farming it at this moment. As soon as i have it i can send it to you.
What are the rolls on your artifact please? Just to know

+20% rad damage, +20%shock damage, and +31% melee damage

Sounds good.
Any others wanted?

No. Just looking for recursions at the moment haha

Just drop one with +100% Cryo SNTNL.

I have one with FFYL down time, radiation dmg, and Cryo dmg

nice. I really only play as moze. If I find a shock x2 recursion with ASE next 2 mags 100% rad/cryo damage or a x2 recursion any element with ASE next 2 mags shock damage ill finish this green monster build im working on.

You necessarily want a x2 shock? It’s gonna be tough :joy: :joy:

Yeah i know what makes this build so powerful is dealing ever element per trigger squeeze and shock is the only one i dont have right now.

Do you have any redistributors or Hyperfocus with 50/150?

Unfortunately no redistributors.Maybe hyperfocus in the bank but not 50/150 for sure.

I see…
You’re playing in M10? I’m playing all characters but Moze is the one i have the most difficulties

Yeah im playing on M10. This build is extremely powerful. Ive crashed the game a couple times haha.

:clap:t5: :clap:t5: :clap:t5:
That fu***** Traunt doesn’t want to give that recursion you want
I’m going to sleep ( it’s 4am in France :joy:)
I’m going back to it tomorrow.
If you have it before me just tell me, that i don’t continue for nothing :wink:

What are your class mod specs? I have a couple good Green Monsters.

Weapon damage, critical damage, and heavy damage. The more points in scorching RPMs the better. Here’s the build entirely


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I didn’t know Moze can have some Recursion fun too. I looked, I have some great Recursions, but none with 2mags element type lol. I have consecutive hits, ASA 75, ASA 200, and 300/90. Hmm

Yep I’ve never played as amara. Only really play as moze. So I never thought the recursion was any good with moze and then I learned that when you deal different elemental damage it spawns extra pucks. If you deal all 5 elements it spawns at least 15-20 extra pucks. And each puck can proc short fuse. So im basically always proccing short fuse. Its so awesome.