Lf cutpurse loaded dice

could use a cutpurse loaded dice preferably with health regen but any would do. got lots to trade as well.

I have 1, I am looking for a Corrosive Redline with either damage or splash damage in ase

i traded it. anything else u need i can really use that artifact.

if anyone else has one let me know.

I have a corrosive redline dam ase 100% do you have incendinary?

looks like you might get that redline still wanna trade for artifact?

I’ll send you over the artifact via mail tonight friend. Perhaps you have a level 1 stop gap?
Also what’s your psn?

I have a couple penetrating fire Redline 125% splash damage ase. If you leave your psn I’ll add you and send it over tonight after work via in game mail if you could kindly send me the corrosive one via mail as well!

Forgot to send my ID as well. My psn id is TheTigerYumYums

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Psn REd rUm I will be on later.

I won’t be on until late tonight. Just send me a friend request, and I’ll send your stuff by in game mail. Just send mine when you get a chance.

I won’t be online until late tonight. Just send me a friend request and I will send you your stuff by in game mail.

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