LF: Cutpurse Otto Idol Artifact

Doesnt really matter what the attributes are. Tons of gear to trade, let me know what your looking for!!


Do you have any Zane items

I have a few for sure! what are you looking for?

Umm looking for a good rolled seein dead class mod a good snow drift victory rush idol a band of stiroak shield with movement speed anointment . Its piss grenade with the anointment of grenade thrown and a brainstormer with 50% cryo while stnl is active or a good anointed corrosive ion cannon for Zane I know there is a lot there but I got a list lol

Ill have a look and let ya know I definitely have one or two of those!

Sweet appreciate it

I’ve got the Seein’ Dead Class Mod.
20% Corrosive Resistance
27% Grenade Radius
36% Shield Recharge Rate.
Not sure what extra skill points they are as I dont use Zane, but can send ya a picture if need be.

I got a couple I’m looking for a good god roll with at least three points into donny brooks red skill tree or higher and weapon damage cryo eff. Weapon crit or magazine size increase but add me and I can still send you that idol for ya psn: FallenDark200 I don’t get off work till the morning but I’ll send it your way

Much appreciated man! Ill keep my eyes peeled for ya! Cheers

No problem man always happy to help

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