LF cutpurse Otto idol/victory rush + Raging bear

As title says I’m looking for the cutpurse artifact (either victory rush or Otto idol) must have mag size increase and aoe damage would be a huge plus. Also I’m after a raging bear class mod with splash damage and/or splash damage radius with either weapon/shotgun/tediore damage.

I have loads of grenades anointed both old and new also emp5 and kyb’s worth to trade. Lots of moze stuff also to trade and some amara things too.

Just got the Otto idol so still very much wanting the raging bear now


I have a Raging Bear with Splash Damage.

LF shock Lump rocket launcher, Blast Master with 3 Pull the Holy Pin and 1 Redistribution with splash/aoe damage, Bloodletter with splash/aoe damage, last stand deathless with splash or aoe damage.

I have a bloodletter with both splash damage and splash damage radius

Could you send a photo of the raging bear please?


Still looking for a cutpurse Otto idol or cutpurse victory rush either one but needs to have both mag size increase and area of effect damage increase

any luck on that raging bear class mod?