Lf cutpurse regen life


I’m LF Cutpurse with regen life.

I have these to trade :

  • Hooming mirv corro
  • Bloodletter +5 nade
  • Laser Splod shock annointed phasepalm 300%
  • Laser Splod ice annointed +120% iron bear
  • Brainstormer annointed phasecast +250%
  • Monocle annointed phasepalm 300%
  • Lyuda annointed phasepalm 300%
  • Shrieking Devil annointed phasecast 250%
  • Trick unforgiven
  • Recurring Hex
  • Tons of Phasezerker / Breaker / Nimbus / Elementalist / Dragon
  • Every type Elemental Projector including white elephant
  • Loaded dice
  • Unleash dragon
    And a lot more!


I have a cutpurse deathless does it matter on the bonuses?

Doesnt really matter
Let me know what you need ? :slight_smile:

Sent you a fr

That’s it sent

I just got it thanks !

Let me know what you need I’ll send it.