LF Cutpurse Victory rush with Mag Size

Let me know what youre after have an absolute ton to trade.

I have this!

Looking for a Last Stand Loaded Dice with health regen/, or Last Stand Otto idol with assault rifle dmg (or best offer!)

I definitely dont have any of those I have a cutpurse deathless with mag and area of effect, and a snowdrift victory rush with mag size and a icebreaker victory rush with mag and cooldown.

Hmm, not quite for me. How about any grenades with elemental damage anointments? Or good class mod rolls (any character)?

Ive got a few cloning hunter seekers with ase damage a mirv shock hex with fire damage, and I got an its piss with weapon thrown anointment, and got a few really well rolled Seein Dead coms and a well rolled spiritual driver, blast master, bloodletter and bounty hunter mods.

I am curious about the perks on the Seeing Dead & Bloodletter, and if neither of those is quite right I’ll definitely trade for the ‘It’s Piss’ grenade.

I know on of my seein dead is crit damage and smg damage but I got to look at the other ones, I have to go to work so I dont have time to check rn

No prob. I’ll hold the artifact for you until then.

You got the it’s piss with on grenade throw do dmg? If so would you be down to trade for a it’s piss with corrosive on ase

I’ll trade for the weapon damage/crit damage one if that’s cool?

Yeah Ill send it when I get off work in about 12 hrs, I still have yoy added from our last trade GT is Super Kami Nero

Ok I added you! (Don’t remember trading before but my memory is crap)

We didnt trade I was giving away a bounty hunter mod weeks back and you commented first so you got it.

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Ohh! Well thanks! I’ve got you added now too. I’ll put the artifact in the mail tonight.

Ok bud thanks! Youll be priority one when I get on.


Hey dude, not sure if you got my Xbox Live message last night. wanted to make sure you got the artifact I sent but also the COM I got wasn’t quite the same as the one in your picture. I know it’s Christmas (so no rush, we’ve all got stuff goin’ on) and the one you sent is still really good, but I’d swap it back for the +2/+3 version with weapon dmg/crit dmg/Hyperion reload speed if it’s still available.

Yeah I couldnt remember which one I sent, had a lot of similar rolls Ill look to see if I still have it and yeah I got the artifact.

Cool. Thanks for getting back to me. Def appreciate it.