LF | Cutsman Corrosive&Fire w/ ASE damage+

Hey dudes and dudettes, looking for annointed cutsmans w/ 100% dmg ASE in corrosive and fire

Have tons of annoited weapons, artifacts, class mods, shields and grenades. Let me know what you need!

I’ve got a corrosive with 125% boss dmg if that peaks your interest
Got any of the new guns with new anointments or just new guns/anointments?

I already have one with boss dmg lol looking for that sweet 100% dmg. What are you looking for specifically? I’ll toss it over to you if I have what you’re looking for

I got you bud add me on psn: calebismybro

Looking for good anointed grenades, or phasecast gear.

Awesome possum I’ll add you in a bit. What kind of annoited grenades? And phasecast gear specifically?

Storm front, rain firestorm, recurring hex with bonus elemental damage on ase, skeksils, layudas, dictators, Maggie/Duc, projectile recursion, Kybs worth, craters phasecast. Transformer with damage reduction or action skill cool down on ase.

I have a Duc with 50% shock ASE, a corrosive dictator with weapon damage 250% after phasecast, 2 recursions; one with corrosive and shock that’s phaseslam 200% and the other ASE effect damage and chance increase 75%. 3 lyudas; one sliding accuracy and handling, increased crit damage while terrified, and sliding fire rate increase 25%

Any of those you like kind sir?

Thanks again Caleb, much appreciated👊

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