LF Cutsman & Deathless

I am a recent new player of Borderlands 3 and I really want to get the Cutsman LVL 50+ and Deathless LVL 50+ to farm other legendaries.
I am having difficulties, someone who is left and wants to make a donation?

Gamertag: Luislak


I’ve got a few in my inventory that I’m not using. All level 53.

Any preference for element type? I can send you one tonight when I get home from work.

It could be the fire.

Thank you !!!

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@sixpackstl- Do you have any Rad or Cryo one? Preferably with ASE anything? I have tons to trade, just let me know!

I’ll send you a fire Cutsman when I get home. Enjoy!

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If I’m not mistaken, the Cutsman only comes in Corrosive, Shock and Incendiary.

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I thought so as well but saw the Wiki on Mental Mars and it shows and lists Cryo and Rad. Could be why i have never found it though…

And Deathless, someone has one that doesn’t use ?

The only way that it gets Cryo or Rad would be ASE bonus damage.

I may have a spare lvl 50 Deathless, i’ll have to check my bank when I get home.

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Thanx Bro, If you want to send it to me, my gamertag is Luislak


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I’ve got quite a few lvl 50 Deathless artifacts still in my bank. Looking for any specific one?

non-elemental damage, health regeneration or fire elemental damage

Sent you one with Incendiary damage

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I got you. I’ll mail when I get home

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@luislak I just sent the Cutsman over to you. Enjoy!

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Thank you so much guys!

It was extremely important to reach lvl 53

Now I will farm items from the build

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