Lf cutsman lvl 50 all except fire

I am looking 4 any lvl 50 cuts.an except fire I already have one unless anointed…u u have 1 u will part w plz let me know I have lots of stuff I could trade …

I have a shock, corrosive and anointed fire cutsman. Any lyudas, anointed lucian’s or bounty hunter class mods?

Yep have anointed lucians fire 621 gear score a nuclear lyuda not anointed

whats the anointment?

ah ok. which cutsman would you like?

Really want both lol…but what is the anointment ?

I would have no problem with both if the anointment on it was a better one. Give me a sec ill send a pic

Gotcha u interested in the nuclear lyuda ?

If the anointed cutsman is for beastmaster would love to have it if not the corrosive would be great

No sorry already have one

Cool I would trade for either …but rather have the corrosive probably

ok sounds good to me my gt: Koops

Tyvm …if ur ever looking for something just holler I’ll try to help u find it if I don’t have it …

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yea you too thanks

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