LF Cutsman's with +100% Cyro with SNTL

Have lots to trade. Let me know what you’re needing! Thanks :slight_smile:

I have Cutsman, corrosive, while STNL, +100 cryo. Could use ION 2x shock w +50, ION 2x corrosive w +50. Brainstormer shotty, redundant annointed. Cheers

I have the brainstormer with +100 on ASE

That one is cash infused though I think

I have a shock cutsman with 100% cryo while sntnl. Do you have any snowdrift splatter guns or antifreeze class mods?

that woud be great for me… I will send shortly///// just sent, cheers. I am conch8

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Perfect! I’ll be on in an hour and I’ll send you the Brainstormer!

I don’t think so, but I’ll definitely take a look when I jump on!


thanks mega, much better than the one i had, cheers

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Any snowdrift victory rush?

I will check tomorrow for you, don’t think I do but will check mules

I found a snowdrift victory rush… not very good stats but give me your GT and I will send it to you

Gt: Chickens, I’ll send you the shock cutsman when I dup it

Looking for you, I see 50 versions of Chickens but not you. Tried twice. It may be easier for you to send me FR conch8

Do you have an Electric Banjo?

Thanks, Tom, hope you like the gear.

I have an electric banjo, do you need one?

I’ll send you a message now

got the banjo earlier, thanks