LF Cyro Gear Plenty For Trade, Take A Look!

Haven’t had much luck today with earlier post/ or drops, figured I’d give it another shot.

I’ve been on the lookout for these few items

Cyro Recursion with ASE 100% or Status Effect

Transformer Or Re-Charger shield with ASE Cyro

CROSSROADS SMG Cyro with ASE 100% or possibly Cyro 50% on ASE.

I Have a bank full of Fl4K gear, not much gamma Burst items though, plenty of ASE 100% And Rakk Attack gear.

Any help with these items would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone for all the help along the way , I will continue to add gear with Pictures below throughout the evening. Feel free to add me



Thanks everyone!

I have a refined projectile recursion with 100% on ase, cryo/ fire

I have 2 cryo crossroads one with damage per hit and one with incendiary on ase .

I unfortunately just gave a recharger with cryo on ase the other day.

Two questions which vault hunter is this for and are you a fan of the nighthawkin?

This is for the only toon I run with, ol Fl4K. Trying to get things together for a build, but just not having alotta luck with those few items I listed above. I’ve been grinding, and will continue to, but damn, rng just not with me!

Cryo builds are…picky I guess.
But do worth it I’ll shoot over the recursion and one of those crossroads if you’re interested.

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More items up for trade, keep checking back, as I will be adding to this throughout the evening, thanks everyone for taking a look!

That would be really helpful, im not gonna quit on this build darn it, Im hoping I can get it together to be pretty decent, I hope. Please holler if there’s anything ya see ya want me to send your way, or look for, thank you again, your big help! And huge time saver on my part! Much appreciated!

I sent those over, that recursion has just a bit over 250 efficiency so it should insta freeze before the insta kills.

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Caint thank you enough! I hope there’s something I get the chance to send your way boss! Thanks for all the help! Sounds like insta freeze is right, I’ll put it to good use my friend! Much appreciated!

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It’s not a problem it seems every time I give away a recursion I get one to drop lol.
My list is mostly just better versions of a few epics or different elements tbh, one of them would be the same stagecoach your build would use.

Hey right on, i tell ya what, those heavy hitting stagecoach’s, x18/x25/ with the ASE, is definitely a rare one for this guy anyways, caint say I’ve ever seen or come across to many, especially with elemental damage on top of it. Well hey, if there’s anything you might think of, be sure to fire over a message my way man, will always do my best to help.

hi i’ve got this transformer if its any good for you just send me an add on psn id is swamps

and i’ll send it when im on next…

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Hey Swamps1 I greatly appreciate that, I’ll shoot an add over your way! Thanks!!

Do you have a seein dead with pistol, weapon damage. And either cryo or splash damage?

No darn Seein’ Deads right now unfortunately, if I run across one, with what your looking for, I’d be happy to send it your way!

I have the transformer sheild if you still have that stop gap

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