LF Cyro Recurring Hex Grenade (Xbox one)

Like the title says and it must be Lv. 50.

Just ask what you’re looking for and if I have it, I’ll trade you :slight_smile:

GT: SSJ Guilty

I’ve a shock one if that’s of any interest.

Hi! Do you still have the recurring hex? Any element will do for me

Yeah, message me on console N7 Stilly

Stilly1 I will message you on xbox tonight about this hopefully you or someone you know still has one. Haven’t been able to get one for 3 days

Do you still have it? My gt: pistolpietro if you still have it!

No I don’t.

i have radiation and cryo one. looking for elemental crossroad smgs

The radiation one is something I would love! Is there a way I could farm a crossroad smg for you?

its a world drop. trying to get some myself. just got a shock HEX too

you just got another shock recurring? where are you getting them?

from general truant on athenas

what is your gamertag I tried to search N7 stilly but couldnt find you


I have got shock/cryo crossroads, do you still have the cryo recurring hex for trade?