LF Cyro Redistributor & Recursion

Looking for these two weapons with ASE status effect Anointment

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I just caint seem to get either one of these to drop.

Feel free to message me with what you may be after for trade, id be happy to see what I got on hand. Thanks everyone.

I have both of those I’d be willing to trade. I’m looking for 160 splash anointed moze weapons if you have any.

From what I’ve heard status effect chance doesn’t work on cryo, cryo efficiency is the only thing that buffs it.

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Let me see if I can dig any up for you, if not in my bank, ill be on the hunt for them, don’t lose those two Weapons you got boss, I’ll do my best to find something. My only toon is Fl4K, so my inventory gets a little thin for other charectors unfortunately. Any artifacts or class mods you may be after also by chance? Thanks

I didn’t know that, thanks for the info man! Much appreciated!

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I’ve learned a few things from the anointed meme page.
I also recently learned I was miss understanding exactly how cryo worked a few days ago, cryo on ase on top of cryo would be where it’s at.

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Very nice, thanks for the heads up!