LF Dahl annointments let me know what you want

I would love to see any annointed Dahl gear but looking in particular for:

( Warlord or helix ) - with terror health Regen or increase Crit on terror

( Auto sniper ) - any terror annoints

( Shields ) - a 25% chance to apply terror or terror after action skill

( Cyro efficiency relic ) - cyro damage assault rifle DMG and mag size

( Grenades ) - terror annointed

I got loads of annointed gear. Just give me a shout of what you need

I have.

Kaos - Shock with ammo regen terror anointment.
Decaying Barrage - Rad with 50% Cryo terror anointment.
Nighthawking - 1 with extra proj terror anointment and 1 with 50% cryo anointment.

I’m looking for a facepuncher with chance for terror on melee hit anointment.
Perhaps some grenades with terror anointments.
Rerouter with terror anointment.

I have a Re-router with gain health regen whiled terrified anointment. Do you have a radiation laser-sploder?