Lf dahl bonus executor mod and a couple of other bits pls. annointeds for trade 4 for 1!

looking for a fairly specific set of rolls please.
either of…
+smg damage
+assault rifle damage
+dahl crit damage
+dahl damage
(two out of three would be fine :yum:)
as for the skill bonus - good misfortune and violent violence are preference but beggers cant be choosers lol.

also if anyone has any dahl legendary pistols with the 50% cryo when sntl is active and an ottos idol with any of +smg damage, +action skill cooldown, +grenade damage, +cryo damage that would be fabulous darlings :kissing_heart:

what do i have - well i sold everything thats not annointed this week so a small selection. choose any 4 of these items if you have one of the above mentioned…

resolute lyuda-after phasegrasp, fire terror skulls at enemy
shock expert asmd-action skill end 2 mags 50% incendary
searing helfire-swapping with digi clone reloads weapon
quickdraw monocle-action skill end 2 mags 50% radiation
venemous barrage-barrier active status +50%
shock sublime westergun-exit iron bear gain 120% splash damage
stark krakatoa-sntl actice +50% cryo
incendary moar embrace the pain-action skill end +75% status chance and damage
radiation hive-exit iron bear kills increase cooldown.
speedloading hellwalker-action skill end 2 magazines +50% incendary
true monocle-while terrified, gain ammo regen
sublime asmd-digi clone active, regen ammo

also have a selection of class mods for zane and flak.

thank you in advance