LF Damned/Shredifiers - Dictators/Ogre/Jericho to trade

Hello Moze players/Vladof fans! I’m looking for anointed Damned/Shredifier assault rifles (preferably with the ‘next 2 mags’ bonuses) Willing and able to trade any of these fine items.

Hey man, I’ve got a few Shredifiers and damned with the 2 mag annoint, I can give you a list later today once I’m done work. If you could hold that cryo dictator for me that would be cool

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I have a nice Shredifier next two mags cryo anointment i use a lot, great gun with ammo regen. build.

I really desperately need a Dictator with cryo or a bech, really any anointment will work, but SNTL is favored one.

Gt- xCaliburxxx

If I find one like that I’ll definitely hold on to it for ya. These things seem to gravitate towards me.

I think these are all I’ve got.

I will check on the damned smg in a bit as well (I’m pretty certain I have quite a few of these)

I sent you a nice cryo one last night buddy. Enjoy. I like that corrosive x 2 one you have,

Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you! I’d take that Corrosive super shredifier (the double chaingun) in exchange for the cryo Dictator if that sounds fair to you?

That sounds good man, i will send your way when I get a chance

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Sent yours just now.

Thanks man

Hey man the shredifier you wanted was the on action skill end version, not the barrier version correct?

sent the shredifier over


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