LF dark army urad/ase100/asa200/splash anoints all elements

Let me know if you have these. Currently farming w barely any luck. N of course lemme know what you need in return

Thanks for readin!

I’ll send you a dark army 200% splash and urad corrosive tizzy later :wink:

Nice. Thanks homie. However, does dark army do splash?

Pretty sure yes. It would be a shame if it doesn’t and comes with this anoint🤣
Just asking, you don’t have zane new class mod by any chance ?:thinking:

Yup got a couple. I’ll sendem when I get on

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Yea I got a couple guns w nonsense anoints. Like ass shields w nothing on break or fill… got this perfect shock old god w 2 hidden attributes but on ass. Completely wasted anoint.

Ouch, this one seems painful​:tired_face::tired_face:

Just looked up o e o those fan wikis… says it’s splash

Yeah i was on it too😁
Just have some spy class mod, so it’s no need for me anymore. Do you have plasma coil urad?

Yes I do

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Msg me a list on PSN of all the stuff you need n I’ll have it sent

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