Lf dasterdly maggie with ASE 125% named, badasses, bosses

basically what the title says. I got some stuff to trade for one

Have anything anointed for Amara? Infinity, Vicious Molten Lyuda, Crossroads, Spinners.

Or a Brainstormer that deals bonus fire damage ASE?

all i have that are anointed for amara are a
rowan call/radiation/ with after phaseslam weapon damage is increased by 300% for a short time

compressing superball/fire/after phasegrasping an enemy amara fires terror skulls at the ground target dealing 3718 damage

i also have a
stimulating preunatic laser sploder anointed siren on ase deal 20% bonus radiation damage for a short time

I’ll trade you for the Rowan’s Call. PSN jorgeammo

just sent u a friend request my PSN AtomicEva01

thank u so much and i hope u enjoy that rowans call