LF>DClone Swap 130% Ion Laser, Sleeping Giant, Nighthawkin, and more

All of these must be Digi-Clone Swap 130% Sleeping Giant(No Ele), Ion Laser, Cutsman, Crossroads, Star Helix(No Ele), Nemesis, Shredifier(No Ele), MoonFire. Feel free to offer other unlisted guns



I have a shock/fire ion laser

I’ll trade an ASE 125 Cryo Lucian for it

I have that. Looking for 100/125/+50 element new weapons.

ASE 125 Corrosive Heartbreaker

That’ll work. Gt aleszander77. I’ll hop on.

I have a non elemental nukem with the digi swap annoint if your interested

What are you interested in?

I’m looking for redistributers with while sntl is active do cryo dmg and while gamma burst is active do dmg as well as corrosive and incendiary cutsmans with the same annointments

I don’t have any of those

How about annointed big boom blasters