LF: deathless artifact / friend-bot class mod / cryo kyb's

[W] deathless artifact w/ 17% SMG dmg and 40% mag size. 3rd roll +30% shield recharge rate or -30% delay, +33% AoE dmg, +23% elemental resistance. Preferably snowdrift, atom balm, last stand, flesh melter, or ice breaker prefix.

[W] Fl4k friend-bot mod with +25% weapon dmg. Other rolls would prefer to be +31% pistol dmg, +31% shotgun dmg

[W] cryo kyb’s worth w/ either +125% splash dmg ASE, +160% splash dmg after IB, or +100% weapon dmg ASE. Prefer x3 and high mag size

[H] plenty of good Fl4k (rakk attack) Moze (splash dmg) and Zane (cryo) stuff

GT: d0nkey81

I have a few friend bots.
+4 yawp +1 bff mag size ar dmg torgue acc
+3 yawp +2 bff torgue dmg torgue speed shotgun dmg
+3 yawp +1 psycho +1 bff weapon dmg pistol dmg torgue speed

I’d like that last one with the weapon and pistol dmg.
What are you looking for in return?