LF Deathless artifact

I’ve been farming for the deathless artifact for what must be 50 hours now. I’ve had no luck but obviously have a huge number of legendarys I’ve built up. Happy to trade anything for it, I really have too many to list. Thanks in advance

I have multiple I’ll be online around 4pm
I’m looking for a snowdrift loaded dice

AZZBlood4Fun add me

I do have loaded dice, just not that specific one. Unfortunately just the electric slide prefix. Is there anything else at all youd be willing to trade.

i have one
add me : OP_Haunter

I’ll do it for that

i have a snowdrift loaded dice

i just sent you a deathless in your mail

Can you trade me

sure add me

Op_hunter? I just tried couldn’t find you

you forgot the A -> OP_HAunter

i can’t find you i guess you have private profile

I’m trying OP_Haunter


Wow come on man

i can’t find you