LF: deathless artifact

I have quite a few legendaries in bank.

What’s your gt?

Twiztid ninja08

Do you want loot expanding deathless or… just a sec… let me look at the other one…

Okay Mind Melt Deathless or Loot expanding deathless.

Loot expand has +14% weapons reload, -30% shield delay, +7% exp in combat.

Mind Melt has +17% assault rifle damage, +21% action skill cooldown, +8% movement speed

Loot expand deathless please.

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Gotta reboot my game, I was offline.


In the mail.

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Thanks a lot! You don’t want anything for it?

Naw, I’m not looking for anything besides an elemental projector deathless. I’ll find it eventually. Enjoy!

I’ve got an elemental projector deathless. Do you have a berzerker otto Idol?that or anything with bonuses to movement speed?

Sorry I don’t. I had two otto idols before that both dropped off of Traunt. I don’t know if it was a fluke or if he has some higher chance of dropping them. @Hunter0471

I’ve got a last stand deathless. LF fire crossroads.

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I have a few Incendiary Crossroads that I’d gladly trade for that last stand deathless. Been farming for one for weeks and nothing