LF Deathless cutpurse relic

Been farming the Phoenix for quite awhile and it’s just such a drag. No drops at all and the wait between phases is just the worst. Lemme know if your looking for something too. Any help would be epic
Psn chazzad

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I have a couple . I’m looking for a couple things at the moment… Phazerker mod w/ SMG damage and Maliwan damage. Fire Dictator. and Fire Linoge. Running Amara as main.

I have an annoited fire linoge with health regen with terror and one with dmg 200% after phase slam. Phasezerker I have only has maliwan reload speed @Buckshotzero

Are you needing the Cutless? I saw your post on the Cutsman. Let me see what I have.

Do you happen to have Transformer 50% Shock damage ?

Only transformer I have is AS cool down. And yes I’m looking for corrosive cutsman

Mailed you a decent one.

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Yo I have a Transformer with 50% shock damage if you still need it! I need a Cutpurse Deathless if you have one.