LF deathless cutpurse w/ mag size and splash damage

LF Deathless cutpurse w/ mag size and splash damage

Have everblasts, transformer with 50% shock, and 100% Rakk Maggie.

Have you got any raging bear class mods

I have two raging Bear mods. Both have 31% grenade dmg and +5 grenades, one has 31% pistol dmg, the other has 54% charge speed.

Oh sorry not what I’m looking for unfortunately

I don’t have that mod unfortunately. I got rak pak and spiritual driver.

Yeah I only need the raging bear with splash damage and splash damage radius preferably but gladly take it with weapon damage with either of those

i have deathless cutpurse, had to check tomorrow if they have the stats you’re looking for

Let me know. PSN: Los-Dogg72

in fact i’ll check now


cutpurse deathless :

  • 30% grenade dmg
  • 33% splash dmg
  • 40% FFYL duration

I’ll take it. What are you looking for?

looking for those things with these specifics bonus :

cryo lucian 50% fire ase
shock rowan 50% shock ase
cryo hex 50% fire ase
storm front 50% shock ase

also looking for ice breaker otto idol

I got the Otto idol

can i see the stats please ?

29% Corrosive resist
16% corrosive damage
29% shock resist

i’ll take the transformer

Sweet. I’ll send it to you soon. I believe you’re already on my friends list.

just added you