LF Deathless Elemental Projector, anoited One pump chump, flakker or Lyunda

Looking the the above for my moze build. I have alot to offer such as;

Anoited night hawken
Anoited laser sploder
Anoited luciana call
Lyunda (fire, corosive and electric)
Anoited lady
Blood letter
Hex (cryo version)

I do have others in my vault

I have flakker, would be intrested in fire lyuda

One or 2 are anoited for moze but I cant remember exactly what they do

What are the annointments on the Night Hawkin and Laser Sploder (and elements)?
I have a Deathless Elemental Projector

Will let you know when I am on mate

Hey dude, what are your anoited weapons you have?

I have anoited flakker I will have to check what they do. I know they are anoited for moze on is for auto bear and the other is just reg iron bear. Give me 20 mins or so and I will be able to tell you exactly what they do

I have quite a few anoited guns other than those tho. It’s alot to list. If there is one in particular you’re looking for other tyan flakker if have to check

Casual Flakker- after existing iron bear, the next 2 mags will have 40% bonus incendiary damage

Casual Flakker- while auto bear is active, constantly regen 8% of mag size per second

Hey dude what do you want for that deathless?

Hey dude I should be on tonight if you want to trade for your anoited flakker

Sounds good