LF Deathless & Red Fang w/ +Mag Size

I’ve been trying to drop these items with enough + Mag Size to make the OPQ System have 2 rounds in the mag. Finally dropped both items with +mag size but only about 70% total … I guess it needs to be 100%+?

Can anyone help with either one? I’m afraid I don’t have much to trade though …

Message me here or send a message on PSN - mike0287


You might wanna get a company man. It can have 40%+73$ mag size.

I could but I would lose the bonus from using a Deathless and damage below 50%. I’ve now managed to farm a 73% mag size Deathless but I’ve spent the past few nights trying to get a Red Fang and no luck so far …

I’ve found these in my stash. Do you need any of them?

If you can mail me the Red Fang that be awesome. My PSN is Mike0287.