LF deathless relic and stormfront grenade

Really in need of any deathless relic and a stormfront grenade. PSN is DoodleMyPoodle. If you want anything in return ask and I’ll see if I have it.

fire stone planetoid commander ?

Psycho stabber with 100% melee damage at action skill end?

I’ve got a deathless,do you possibly have a legendary deadeye mod plus shotgun/gun damage (and) crit damage?

Lemme check brother. Sorry been working 12 hour days havent had time to check.

Gimme a moment to check homie, been working hard. Getting on tonight hopefully

Have lots of Deathless J can give you, free of charge. Any specific traits you are looking for?

No longer need but fr on PSN.


If I still have the deathless,I’ll give it to you.

Still got it?

No man any deathless reslly lol

Add APE-160 I’m leaving work rn. Be on to check my safe by 0345 cst. Tops. I’ll hit you here unless you send fr looking for deathless.

Who are you rolling, and what specs? I will give you one that is at least close to helpful.

PSN Rei2k

I’ve got this one.
You like it,you can have.

Yea I would love it

Added on psn. As DoodleMyPoodle

I have a level 50 stormfront grenade

Anything in particular you’re looking for? I got 2 of the new shotgun. 1 corrosive an 1 cryo. Cant remember what annointments are on em. I’ll check when I get home at about 5 pst

Flakker shotgun

Got a couple variants. I know I have a radiation and I think the other is regular ol kinetic. Add me on psn DoodleMyPoodle. Tell me which you prefer

Added you homie

Ok I’m about to add you