LF deathless relic with grenade dmg

Willing to trade lyudas or zane class mods etc. Have a decent amount of guns too.

I have a “Loot Expanding Deathless” with +30% Granade damage. Have you got any of these?
[A Splash Damage] Rad DP Shredded Laser-Sploder (Rifle)
[AO SNTL] Cryo Lucian (Rifle)
Molten The Director (Rifle)
Cryo Crossroad (SMG)
Fire Flakker (Shotgun)
Cryo/Shock Butcher (Shotgun)
[A Splash Damage] Corr Hive (Rocket launcher)
MIRV-Tacular Hex (Grenade)
It’s Piss (Grenade)
Catalytic Front-Loader (Shield)
[A] Transformer (Shield)
Executor [Assault Damage] (Class Mod)
Ice-Breaker [Cryo Damage] (Artifact)

I don’t sorry, I have a shockerator with assault damage, or an executor with sniper + heavy weapon dmg.

Nah, they wont be any use for the build but thank you :slightly_smiling_face: