LF decent M10 O.P.Q System or Yellowcake

Was hoping to put in some decent last minute grinding today before cartel event ends but it appears Xbox Live is down now :frowning:

If anyone is bored/generous and willing to help my friend and I were hoping for a better Yellowcake and O.P.Q. system

LF a x2 M10 variant on yellowcake or one with decent damage and the 300% on 90% hp enemies annoint

And yeah we literally haven’t seen an OPQ drop since the 5000x2 i got on M6 when the event started… so any m10 with higher damage than that is a big improvement

So yeah if anyone is able to help can hit me or my buddy up. Our GTs are FilthiestBeef72 and/or WaxiestFawn9641

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I can send you both one each of the cake and opq, I think one opq is 300/90,the other 200asa I think.
And the cakes are healing pool, I forget the other,both the x2 variant if you want them they’re yours :slight_smile:
All mayhem 10 btw

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Awesome, i’m just keeping an eye on xbox live status and if we can get online i’ll message you

Jumping on now to send you both a cake and a opq :blush:

Just got the mail, thanks so much dude

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No problems at dudes. running a trading thread on here,the title is mayhem 10 weapon trades maybe take a peek :slight_smile: artifacts, class mods and shields for nothing just ask

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The Cartels is staying live until the Takedown patch is deployed so you still may be able to farm.

For how long is anyone’s guess atm.