LF Decent roiled Red Fang Com, Commander Planetoid with Rad Melee

With the com looking for preferably 4 in Eager to Impress and 1 in He Bites! but i can deal with random skills, mainly looking for decent passives.

For the artifact as long as it is a commander planetoid with rad melee the passives dont really matter.

I have one with +3 Eager to Impress, +1 He Bites, +1 Ferocity

Passives are: Splash damage, Jakobs Damage and SMG Damage.

Do you have a Redundant Brainstormer?

I have one redfang with +25 weapon damage, +13 weapon fire rate, +29% splash damage radius.
skills +1 eager to impress, +3 to ferocity, +1 to He bites