LF Dedicated, Active player to go Lvl1->OP8

Made a similar posting not too long ago.
Looking for a partner to play this game through from beginning to end

Must be active…
Must have mic so we can just chill/have fun as we play
Must not quit midway please :frowning:

Have had multiple cases where my friends just disappear on me
and would like to avoid that- have 3 toons just sitting there that I can’t play
bc idk where my partner is.
Being that this is a long journey I personally prefer not to do all the sidequests/DLC during
NVHM+TVHM playthroughs except to get requisite XP or Gear

Maybe I sound picky but I promise I’m not. haha
just want an active, steady partner to play all the way through with.
I don’t care which class I play- Probs will vary a bit depending on my partner’s class.
I am US EST and play daily.
I do prefer just Co-Oping with 2 of us because with 3 it becomes that much harder to
coordinate times so we’re all at same progress levels.
Please message me if interested with PSN!

I’m down for this!! psn: BabyBoggle

sent you a request :slight_smile:

I have a low level jack on TPS but I’m also looking to start a new gaige character in BL2, add Rdeenyo if you wanna jam

hm. i am on all the time but maybe want to pick up around 72 or mid 60s. i have almost three characters at op8 for each class, i am a bit dry on story mode.

psn is teacup775 i’ i pst time zone and play a little in the morning and mostly evenings.

I’m also trying to start off with a new character (probably Krieg or Zer0 since I’ve never used them before) since trying to find or join people is already difficult and playing solo gets old and boring. My PSN is imnotMellow

If you’re adding me, just let me know that you’re from here so I won’t deny the request as I normally do it if I don’t know you, lol.

Are u doing tps or just bl2 if so i have 1 friend that has the game so i was wondering if u and i could be friends thanks Boabtheii