LF Dictator and Its Piss

Hello! I’m looking for a Dictator with 100% cryo anointment and a Its Piss mod with When Grenade thrown anointment. Any trades? :slight_smile:

What’s your psn?


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I’ll add you in the morning bud.

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Sounds good!

Hey there, I got the It’s Piss with Grenade Thrown Annoinment,

Feel free to add me


You have any good gear with Annoinments for Fl4K? Holler at me whenever ya get around to adding me, appreciate it !

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Also looking for Dictator with gamma burst anoint. Darth_toothius please.

Hey! I actually have what I was looking for. Thank you though. I’ll still add you. What kind if anointments do you like for Fl4K?