LF Dictator for Moze

Hey guys. I am looking for a good dictator for Moze for bosses. 100% ase 125% fire or consecutive hit would be awesome. I have a kinetic x3 consecutive hit one I have been using but hoping to get my hands on a x6. I have some dictators for Amara(250 cast shock kinetic and corrosive) and a fire sntnl x6 dictator amongst lots of other good gear. Let me know what you’re looking for and thanks very much!

I’m sorry, it’s not exactly what you asked for but it is x6. I have consecutive hits in shock & corrosive but they are general anointed and ONLY x3.

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The only X6 consecutive hits Dictator I know of is the one that dropped for me that is being passed around it’s Radiation.

I have at least corrosive and Fire consecutive hits X3.

I have a X6 Molten the Dictator next two mags after exiting Iron Bear bonus Incindiary Damage.

I am looking for a Power Siphon Transfusion Tracker Grenade in Corrosive with the grenade throw annointment.

A 250% cast Corrosive Infinity

A rad Star Helix in gamma burst

A Last Stand Loaded Dice with Mag Size and hp regen.

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image would this work for you? I know it’s not got mag size but it has aoe, too bad it’s not mag size vs luck :confused:

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That is the one I have unfortunately.

Really want one with both mag size and Regen.

Thanks for looking.

I’ll keep an eye out for the other things on your list.

Hey is there anyway I can get that from ya are you looking for any nice items

I dont have the dictator you are looking for but got a ton of the exit iron bear splash items like a ton and got alot of amazing fl4k items to

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Sure you got it, add me same name.

My psn is deluxemenu

So close! Lol

I got this one last night from the Troopers.

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