LF Dictator x6 for Zane

I have lots to trade let me know what you need. I play a lot of items to trade for flak amara and moze

you got a cryo infinity with SNTNL anointment?

No I only have a cryo one with sliding sadly. I have a redistributors up for grabs 100% ase

Have any Phasecast 250% redistributors?

Loaded dice with hp regen and Magazine Size?

Last Ditch Bloodletters?

EM P5 SNTNL cryo X2?

I dont have any of those I might have the loaded dice though

Well if you find one I have a Cryo X6 SNTNL Dictator

do you have redsuit shield(sntnl)?
I have a Cryo X6 SNTNL Dictator

I dont think so I dont have a bunch of stuff for zane other then classmods


I have that EMP-5 care to trade ?

X2? What are you looking for?

Dictators like yours with sntl anointment and Kings/queens call wit sntnl anointment

And yes it’s x2


Somebody mailed me one earlier.

I have 5 SNTNL Dictators maybe more. X6 I know I have in Rad and Cryo for sure. Fire and Shock X3 and a X3 kinetic I believe.

Do you have any SNTL moonfires? Devils Foursome? Shrieking Devils?

No sadly. Zane was the last character I started actually acquiring loot for. I have a ton of moze amara and flak stuff. Really wish I would of held on to some of his stuff. But I do have two redistrubtors with ase 100% I’m willing to trade