Lf different anointment lvl 72 it's piss grenades

Lf different anointment lvl 72 it’s piss grenades. Have lots to trade for good company man artifacts to god rolled class mods and weapons

Got a OGT25 for you :wink:

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Cheers mate :grin:

Which anoints are you looking for? I can just dupe some grenades and reroll them.

Oh yea mint bro! Just corrosive, radiation, and fire ase man. You looking for anything atm?

I’ll dupe them when i get back from work and send them over later today.

If you got a good roll Cosmic Stalker mod for my Fl4k that would be awesome. Been farming for one for days and still no luck. If not no worries mate.

Legend cheers bro! Nah sorry I don’t. I have a good stackbot and red fang but thats about it for fl4k man

No worries mate. The grenades are waiting for you in your mailbox.

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Cheers man I appreciate it! Lmk if your looking for anything else down the line