LF DigiClone Swap 130% Damage Weapons

Mostly looking for Cutsmans, Redistributors and Scourges of all Elements, I have an absolute ton to trade just lmk what youre after.

Have scourge 130 digi clone swap non element. Looking for sntl cryo Maggie anoint. Or rage a bear class mod.

Got 130% x2 ION cannon, my gt is tomerbe1

I have the none elemental one thanks, and I do have the Maggie got anything else interesting to trade for it?

Whatre you looking for bud?

God roll New dlc class mods and weapons, 125% cutsman fire and corrosive, God Roll artifacts

I have the cutsman and a few good rolled Seein Dead mods, and a few god rolled artifacts

K lets trade, my gt is tomerbe1

Ok My GT is Super Kami Nero Ill be on soon

Hey man I have a non elemental nukem with the digi clone swap

Whatre you looking for?

I’m not sure if I’ve asked you before but do you have the craders mp5, annointed kybs worth (incendiary and splash damage on ase). Bekah with 100% dmg on ase or after rakk attack.

Or any of the mentioned guns with the digi swap annointment

No unfortunately.

Any stop gap shields with movement speed or elemental dmg on ase

I have a stop gap with bonus movement speed while Sntnl is active and corrosive ase stop gap

Could I trade you the nukem and a bekah with 125% to bosses for the stop gaps

You still looking for the Maggie with sntl active

Yeah sounds good, I got the Maggie, Ill be at work till 6 am tomorrow my time but Ill send em over when I get on

Sounds good man, no rush. I messaged you from another post asking if you have the it’s piss with the on grenade throw do dmg, if you do have it, would you be interested in trading for a it’s Piss with corrosive on ase?