LF DLC 3 Zane Head (Devilish Rogue)

this is my first time on this forum so forgive me for not knowing what I’m doing

i’m looking for the bounty of blood head for zane. i’ve gotten all the others and i’ve been farming the ruiner & the quartermaster for days now and tbh i’ve given up

things i’m willing to trade:

  • Miscreant Pistol (lvl 60, mayhem 1, anointed operative with fire elemental)
  • Killer Kitsune Head
  • Tattoo Transmitter (ECHO Skin)
  • Executor Class Mod (operative, lvl 51)
  • Bloom Pistol (lvl 51, anointed operative)
  • Red Cord Shield (lvl 60, anointed any)

i also have a two other zane class mods that are around the lvl 50 mark, and a lot of legendary guns but they’re level 20-40 i think