LF double generator legendary Generator Transfusion Grenade

IGN Uppercut PRH

Have tons of stuff left me know what you are looking for, thanks

What element are you looking for?

Preferably fire or corrosive, but I’ll take anything to be honest

I have a fire and a corrosive one. Do you have any of these:

  • Fire Butcher (not redundant prefix)
  • Cryo+Corrosive Trevonator
  • Deathless artifacts
  • Fire or Corrosive Tediore Homing Mirvs
  • Radiation/Fire/Corrosive/Cryo Dictator
  • Cloning Ghast Call Grenade

Wow, I literally have 8 maxed backpack bank tons and only had 1 item you wanted. And here I was beginning to think I horde too much. If this is what your looking for leave ign and I’ll send immediately. Thanks


Here are the two I have. Let me know which one you want ?

Oh I was looking for the one with double generator mod, 60% shields, do u have one of those?

I’ll check not sure off the top of my head

I have the ones listed below. Pretty sure one or two of them give the +60% shields. I’ll check when I get home.

Generator Tran-fusion Longbow
Power Siphon Tran-fusion (corr frag) & (cryo longbow) & (rad homing)

Do you have any of the things listed in my post that I’m looking for?

It’s not my intention to interfere with any trades going on here, but I have the double generator transfusion tracker (homing) grenade you’re looking for, assuming that Faux_Pirate doesn’t have it.

I don’t require any trades for it, but if you happen to see or have an anointed incendiary Crossroads with +50% cryo damage while SNTNL is active, please keep me in mind.

If you still need it, let me know your gamertag and I’ll mail the grenade to you.

That would be great, homing, and 60% is definitely what I am looking for, IGN is Uppercut PRH, I will certainly keep an eye for the gear you listed as I know i currently do not have it as annointed for Zane.

i have a double generator homing tran-fusion with terror generation on it, if you are interested.

I’m looking for any nice moze artifact/mod
or just want nice artifact