LF: Double-Penetrating Shredded Bangstick

Willing to trade anything for it, been grinding for a couple days now, still nothing. Have plenty of legendaries if needed.

I got you, bud. I have a post on here about some class mods I’m looking for. if you have any of them, fantastic, if not, I’ll look through some of you gear. PM if interested.

EG Name: Xer0-chan

Hey man, yeah I think I got something out of those. Add me on Epic games - Fuzzmonkey
Just had a power cut unfortunately, but I’ll be on asap. You got a screenshot of the bangstick?

I got 2 of them. Take your pick.

Haha lucky you, I’ll take the 561 one. Again, not too sure when I’m gunna be on, but add me on EG and I’ll be on as soon as the power comes back on… Sorry about that.

No problems, pal.

Ok, power just came back on, I’m on whenever you are