LF Double-Penetrating Shredder Bangstick

I will trade any items that I have for one lol. i cannot find one to save my life.

Welcome to the forum, whats your psn ? I will send one your way

I have one too. 299x13 dmg. I am looking for a Last stand Otto idol with mag size, any dmg/pistol or smg, action skill reduction.

my psn is axiidental- i will be online tomorrow if we can trade then

I’ll send FR not looking for anything in return :+1: you just make sure you enjoy it, I take it you are a Fl4k main ?

i am, thank you so much kind sir. fl4k is my boy, just wish he didn’t get nerfed into oblivion lol

Aint that the truth he was mega fun pre nerf, I run the rakk build it gets boring though, hes not my main though, hey I have 2 usernames which one is you whats your avatar, an arrow or a mask with horns

mask with horns is me.

and i feel that. i am thinking about switching to zane or moze honestly

That wouln’t let me send a friend request because of your settings it said, you add me its timmo2times I have a carrot with duel pistols as my avatar :+1: I main Amara but have been using Zane mostly the last while he is in a good place with his recent class mod, plus he is the funniest to listen too and fun to play

lmfao i cannot add you because of your settings lol i will change my settings when i get on tomorrow

nevermind i was able to add you lol

That was very strange, a glitch in the matrix :grin: just sent into your mail, enjoy it my friend :facepunch: