LF DP Gratifying Laser-Sploder corrosive w/ 1.5 zoom

As the above states looking for this. I have a wierd obsession with low to no zoom on my guns. Let me know what you’re after and I’ll see if I have it. Thanks

Would prefer to have these stats as well

570 dmg
71% acc
55% handling
2.8s reload
2.89/s fire rate
22 mag

I have one with Fire dmg that has almost the exact same stats that you want except with a slightly slower fire rate (2.63/s vs 2.89/s)

Sorry I forgot to mention I wanted it in corrosive. My bad

i got you, i will look for it when i get on today

Gt - xCaliburxxx

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GTc- ???

GT HurtfulRyan m

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ok, got it

Still looking for the one with the above stats

sent the closet i had, have 4 more, but that was the best

I appreciate it. I am using it currently until I find this one

Will keep my eyes open for one