LF Driver Com with +3 Mindfulness and Cooldown

As the title states, looking for a Driver Com with +3 in mindfulness and cooldown as a secondary stat. Have goods to trade for it.

I have this what do you have?

Looking for anything in particular?

Other than chain Zane stuff no just good stuff

I have cross roads, recursions, cutsmans, ect. Various anointments on everything, mostly 100% after ASE. I have some Zane stuff as well, do you need anything in particular for the chain zane build?

Also various shields and nades with +elemental damage on ASE

Fair amoint of terror gear

Stnl 50% cryo anoints. Any redistributors or cutsman with that? Recurring cryo hex with non fire ase +50% as well

SNTL Anointed Guns that I have left (most of my gear is general annoints):

Recdistributors are 100%ASE,/125% to named, BAs, ect. Cutsmans are amara specific or ASE
No hexes, but I do have a more than a few cryo-epic nades with non-incendiary ASE
A few storm fronts with different ASEs
Only anointed hex I have is shock and a terror anoint

I also have a seein dead with +3+2 in violent violence, playing dirty with weapon damage, tediore damage, and hyperion crit

picked up a nukem with SNTL cryo anoint if you are interested