[LF] Earworm, tades listed {found}

Looking for Earworm, missed boss week and have spent all my free time for four weeks farming Graveward.

What I have available for trade is;

Double-Penetrating Echo (Cryo)
Venomous Nemesis (Corrosion) [ASE apply Terror to self every 5 seconds for 18 seconds]
Premium Baby Maker ++ (Shock) [While Auto Bear is active deal 20% bonus Incendiary]
Kravvy Infinity [While Terrified enemy bullets have a chance to reflect off of you]
Vicious Infinity [ASE crit damage increased by 25%]
Pestilent Infinity (Corrosion)
Negating Infinity (Cryo)
Moar Linoge (Fire)
Gratifying Echo
Extended Nemesis (Corrosion)
Expert Hellshock (Shock + Fire)
Gratifying Devils Foursum
Frozen Ginormous Gunerang XL (Cryo) [ASE Weapon accuracy and handling increased]
Compressing Superball (Fire)
The Flood [ASE next 2 magazines will have 50% bonus incendiary]
Dueling Wagon Wheel
Wagon Wheel
Ginormous Bangarang XL
Unending Magnificent
The Flood
King’s Call

Searing Trained Hellfire (Fire) [After using Attack Command gain 30% lifesteal]
Arctic Dauntless Night Hawkin (Cryo) [While SNTL is active fire rate increased 9% and reload speed 23%
Arctic Relentless Night Hawkin (Cryo) [ASE next two magazines deal 50% bonus shock]
Defrauding Crossroad (Corrosion) [ASE crit increased by 25%]
Arctic Relentless Night Hawkin (Cryo) [While airborn damage increased by 30%]
Handsome Jackhammer [While SNTL is active gain 50% bonus cryo]
Mocking Devoted (Corrosion) [ASE next two magazines 50% bonus shock]
Firesale Long Musket ++ (Fire) [After exiting Iron Bear kills increase cooldown rate by 30%]
Defrauding Crossroad (Corrosion)
Arctic Reflexive Night Hawkin (Cryo)
Hostile Hyperfocus XZ41 (Fire) [ASE next two magazines 50% bonus corrosive]
Turbo Ten Gallon [ASE splash damage increased by 125%]
Adopting Ripper
Disciplined Ripper
Hungry Sleeping Giant [ASE next two magazines 50% bonus corrosive]
Handsome Jackhammer
Undermining Hyperfocus XZ41 (RAD)
Binary Mocking Cutsman (Fire)
Super Frozen Ten Gallon (Cryo)
Turbo Poison Ten Gallon (Corrosion)
Bountiful Destructo Spinner (Cryo + Shock)
Stark Destructo Spinner (Shock + Corrosion)
Stark Destructo Spinner (Cryo + RAD)

Pestilent Faisor (Corrosion) [After Phasegrasping an enemy fire Terror skulls dealing 3718 damage]
Lucian’s Call (Corrosion)
Breath of the Dying (Corrosion) [After exiting Iron Bear next 3 magazines have 33% increased reload speed and 67% increased handling]
Engulfing Faisor (Cryo)
Negating Faisor (Cryo)
Hawt Rapchury Sawbar (Fire) [ASE weapon damage increased 100%]
Storming Sickle (Shock) [Reload consumes terror and creates Cryo nova]
Breath of the Dying (Corrosion)
Venomous Relentless Kaos (Corrosion)
Deft Barrage [ASE gain 15% lifesteal]
Buring Overcompensating Bearcat (Fire) [While Sliding fire rate increased 25%]
Decaying Barrage (RAD)
Venomous Barrage (Corrosion)
Arctic Star Helix (Cryo) [While terrified gain ammo regeneration]
Negating Sickle (Cryo) [Killing an enemy grants 5% weapon damage and reload speed for 25 seconds, stacks]
Hawt Rapchury Sawbar (Fire)
Searing Hungry Kaos (Fire)
Double-Penetrating Shredded Laser-Sploder (Corrosion)
Dobby Boom Sickle
Engulfing Vicious Ogre [ASE next two magazines deal 50% bonus shock]
Razrez Damned [While Auto Bear is active constantly regenerate 8% of magazine per second]
Double-Penetrating Pent-Up Alchemist (Fire)
Oozing Rock-Hard Bearcat (Corrosion)
Oozing Try-Bolt (Corrosion)
Negating Damned (Cryo)
Rebel Yell. (Shock)
Shocking Star Helix (Shock)
Gatlin’ Gatling Gun
Rowan’s Call. (Shock)
Nuclear The Dictator (RAD)
Hawt Pain is Power (Fire)
Engulfing Shredifier
Loyal Sickle
Razrez The Dictator

Cash-Infused Brainstormer (Shock) [After using Phasecast status effect chance in increased 50%]
Redundant Face-Puncher [After exiting Iron Bear next 2 magazines deal 40% bonus incendiary]
Rad Polybius (RAD) [While Sliding damage increased 40%]
Cash-Infused Brainstormer (Shock)
Influential The Butcher [After Phasegrasp fire terror skulls dealing 3718 damage]
Subsidized Powerhouse Fearmonger (Shock) [25% chance to terror self with melee]
Hazardous Kill-o’-the-Wisp (Shock) [While Auto Bear is active regenerate 8% of magazine per second]
Abundant Dangerous Trevonator (Fire and RAD)
Subsidized Fearmonger (RAD) [Ammo regeneration while terrified]
Cash-Infused The Butcher (Shock)
Deep Dive Face-Puncher
Rad Polybius (RAD)
Compressing Kill-o’-the-Wisp (Shock)
Dangerous Kill-o’-the-Wisp. (Shock)
Oozing The Boring Gun (Corrosion) [Reloading consumes terror and creates a Cryo nova]
Subsidized Essential Fearmonger (Corrosive)
Dastardly Nimble Jack
The Lab (Cryo) [Melee Attacks have 25% chance to apply terror to self]
Redundant Face-puncher
Subsidized Fearmonger (Cryo)
One Punch Chump
The Lab (Shock)
Holistic The Butcher
The Lab (Corrosion)
The Boring Gun
Undermining The Butcher (RAD)
Influential The Butcher

Ruby’s Wrath [ASE 15% life steal]
Stuffed Tunguska [ASE weapon damage increased 100%]
Stuffed Quadomizer (RAD)
Shredded Tunguska

Woodblocker (Cryo)
Woodblocker (Fire)
Woodblocker (Shock)
Daisy Monocle
Resolute Lyuda [+200% damage after phaseslam]
The Hunt(ed) [After exiting Iron Bear don’t consume ammo for 5 seconds]
High Capacity Nimble Stalker. (Cryo) [ASE apply terror to self every 5 seconds for 18 seconds]
High Capacity Stalker. (Cryo) [Reduce incoming damage while terrified]
Resolute Lyuda
Annexed Ferocious Lyuda
High Capacity Vigilant Malak’s Bane (Fire)
Adundant Stark Krakatoa (Fire)
Stark Krakatoa
High Capacity Tamed Malak’s Bane (Fire)
High Capacity Tamed Stalker. (Cryo)
Expert Storm

Brawler Ward (RAD res) [While terrified reduce incoming damage]
Hazmat Re-Charger (Corrosion res) [After exiting Iron Bear gain 75% increased shields and health]
Riposte Impaler (Corrosion res) [While Phasegrasp is active constant novas that deal 3718 damage]
Raid Ward (RAD res) [After exiting Iron Bear kills increase cooldown rate by30%]
The Transformer (Shock res) [ASE 50% bonus RAD]
Black Hole (Shock res) [ASE regenerate 5% health per second]
Roid Rough Rider [When exiting Fade Away create nova dealing 13013 damage]
Brawler Ward (Corrosion res)
Deadly-Defense Whisket Tango Foxtrot (Shock res)
Overflowing Scream of Terror (Cryo res)
Augmented Stop-Gap (Cryo res)
Battery Stop-Gap (Corrosion res)
Topping off Re-Charger (Corrosion res)
Topping off Stop-Gap (RAD res)
Contrarian Big Boom Blaster (Shock res)
Hyper Charge Big Boom Blaster (Shock res)
Riposte Impaler (Corrosion res)
Resonant Back Ham
Raid Ward (Fire res)
Sprint Band of Sitorak (RAD res)
Frozen Heart (Cryo res)
The Transformer (Shock res)
Black Hole (Shock res)

Surge [ASE 50% bonus corrosion]
Cloning Hex (Cryo)
Sticky Quasar (Shock)
Generator Tran-fusion Longbow (Fire)
Singularity Firestorm (Fire)
Cloning Hunter-Seeker (Fire)
Spring Epicenter (Fire)
Moxxi’s Bouncing Pair (Fire + Shock)
Fastball (Fire)
Storm Front (Shock)
Ghast Call (Corrosion)
Cloning Chupa’s Organ
Red Queen

(Siren) Blended Carpet Bombing Elementalist
(Siren) Blended Tangled Elementalist
(Gunner) Blood-Sucking Blast Master
(Gunner) Blood-Sucking Charitable Blast Master
(Siren) Fragmented Vestigial Dragon
(Beastmaster) Giant-Slayer Frenetic Bounty Hunter
(Gunner) Honor Guard Enhanced Bloodletter
(Siren) Imbued Elementalist
(Siren) Insomniac Fragmented Dragon
(Gunner) Last-Ditch Entrenched Bloodletter
(Operative) Lucky Unsporting Executor
(Gunner) Overcast Molly Rocketeer
(Operative) Preemptive Glorious Techspert
(Beastmaster) Pronghorn Clawing DE4DEYE
(Beastmaster) Pronghorn Mongoose DE4DEYE
(Siren) Rope-a-Dope Breaker
(Siren) Rope-a-Dope Introverted Breaker
(Gunner) Thermobaric Kiloton Rocketeer
(Siren) Torturous Dragon
(Operative) Unlikely Prepped Techspert
(Gunner) Boomin’ Reinforced Bear Trooper
(Beastmaster) Bifurated Friend-Bot

Mouthpiece Mask

Pepperoni Dream
Game Comrade
Eye Pad
Clear Plastic (Cherry)

Corrosive Stone Loaded Dice
Corrosive Stone Otto Idol
Electric Slide Victory Rush
Fire Stone Static Charge
Hot Drop Cosmic Crater
Hot Drop Pull Out Method
Hot Drop Rocket Boots
Ice Spiker Loaded Dice
Knife Drain Victory Rush
Loot Expanding Victory Rush
Mind Melt Commander Planetoid
Mind Melt Safegaurd
Mind Melt Splatter Gun
Phoenix Tears
Radiodead Moxxi’s Endowment
Rear Ender Pull Out Method
Shock Stone Commander Planetoid
Shock Stone Moxxi’s Endowment
Shock Stone Safegaurd
Toxic Revenger Loaded Dice

(Siren) Sure, Why Not?

Just In Case


Add me man… I’ve got a Moze anointed one for ya. I’ll take that Transformer with bonus Rad damage.
PSN is PIKE2564

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